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    Original Drama ~遙&凜~

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    Free! キャラクターソング・デュエットシリーズ Vol.4

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    七瀬 遙 (CV.島□信長) & 松崗 凛 (CV.宮野真守)

Character Song Duet Series 004: Part 1 {fencer-x}
Rin: Oh, Haru—I took first bath.
Haru: Ah.
Rin: Huh? Makoto already left?
Haru: Yeah; he said he had to put Ren and Ran to bed. There are some t-shirts in there; use whichever one you like.
Rin: Ah, thanks… what the heck is this?
Haru: Northern stoplight loosejaw-kun. When I sleep in that, I sleep deeply, as if I’m at the bottom of the ocean.
Rin: … You’re still as much of an enigma as ever. Oh yeah, about that thing in the bathroom…
Haru: The loofah?
Rin: No!
Haru: The essential oil shampoo?
Rin: NO. The toy—the dolphin.
Haru: Oh that.
Rin: That’s the one you got at Iwatobi SC right? I can’t believe you’ve still got it.
Haru: You got one too.
Rin: Yeah but it…disappeared somewhere.
Haru: …Oh, I see.
Rin: Well, I can’t keep useless crap like that at the Samezuka dorms anyway.
Haru: Are you sure you don’t need to go back to the dorms tonight?
Rin: Yeah, I got permission to stay off-campus.
Haru: … I never would have expected you to stay over…
Rin: Well it’s been a while since I’ve been to your place! But still—there’s the dolphin ornament, of course, but your room is the same as ever! You really haven’t changed a bit.
Haru: The futon’s over there—drag it out yourself. Rin: Were you even listening to me?
Haru: Or would you rather we sleep in my bed together like we used to?
Rin: LISTEN TO ME! Ugh…dealing with you’s made me work up an appetite. This is all your fault.
Haru: Don’t blame me. Did you want something to eat, then? Just so we’re clear, I don’t have any meat.
Rin: Then what DO you have?
Haru: Macker—
Rin: ASIDE from mackerel.
Haru: ………nothing.
Rin: What the hell kind of house IS this? Fine…just whip up something. I heard from Makoto you’re a good cook.
Haru: No better than most. …All right, let’s head downstairs then.

Rin: Ooh, mackerel miso! Looks tasty! Time to dig in~ …FUCK that’s salty! What the hell?! Did you mix up the salt and sugar?!
Haru: That’s one of the failed dishes that Makoto made before.
Haru: It’s fine if you just eat it at a 1:10 ratio with rice.
Rin: That’s not ‘fine’! Feed me something NORMAL!

Rin: Whew, that was good! Thanks for the meal~ Japanese food now and then isn’t bad~ All right—next time I’m over, I’ll cook YOU something.
Haru: You can cook?
Rin: Mmmhmm. I cooked for myself a bit while I was overseas. I can handle myself in the kitchen. …Ooh, looks like you’ve got some cookbooks here…wait, they’re all for MACKEREL dishes! Your diet is crazy unbalanced… Oh, this is…
Haru: Our graduation album—from elementary school.
Rin: This takes me back… Ooh, that reminds me—didn’t we write some essays that were supposed to be published here? “The water is alive. Once you dive in, it will immediately bare its fangs and attack”—the hell kind of weird shit were you going on about here?!
Haru: HEY—don’t read people’s stuff without asking!
Rin: Ah—hey, Haru—
Rin: Huh?
Haru: “Iwatobi Elementary is an irreplaceable location for me. The glittering windows, the butterflies flitting about the campus—”
Rin: You fucking idi—
Haru: “The brilliance of everything in turn causes me to shine—”
Haru: “That is where I found it—”
Rin: Dammit, HARU!
Haru: “My Shining.”
Rin: HA—RU—!
Haru: “One day—”
Haru: “I hope that we can—”
Haru: “—fly together, then the light would…”
P  A  R  T :          T W O

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